Category: Climbing Plants

Pruning Vines

Vines are plants whose long stems twine, cling or wrap themselves around wall, fences, trees, arbors or other garden structures. Vines are vigorous growers and over time will become to a tangled mass of stems and leaves if they are not properly pruned and given adequate support. They require regular pruning to keep them healthy, […]

Shade Tolerant Climbing Vines and Ivy

Growing climbing vines or ivy over doorways, on trellises, on arbors or even on a wall is a great way to add color and texture to a shade garden. The following are a few of the easiest shade tolerant vines to grow. Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) is a shade tolerant, deciduous climbing vine which can […]

Growing Vines on Garden Structures

Trellises, pergolas and arbors are common garden structures which are used to beautify and add style to landscape designs by providing support for all kinds of flowering vines, ivy and climbing roses. By planting flowering vines, these garden structures can create a colorful focal point in garden. They’re also effective when used to provide privacy, […]


Clematis adds a sense of depth and beauty to our gardens with their lush, fragrant blossoms and rich green foliage. The majority of clematis’ are climbers, with several hundred species worldwide. Many of these are hardy and well suited to nearly every landscape and every gardening skill level. More importantly, a selection of Clematis ensures […]

Gardening With Groundcovers

Groundcovers are one of the most useful and adaptable plants available to gardeners. Groundcovers can solve all kinds of gardening problems. They are ideal for gardens which are either too rocky for shrubs or too rooty for a sizeable plant. Reducing the size of lawn space in a garden and replacing with groundcover will make […]

Vine & Ivy

Vines are grown and cultivated much the same way any other garden plants.  With proper site preparation and maintenance vines will thrive.  The way in which they grow, however, couldn’t be more different.  In order for the plants to climb they need support.  Trellises, arbors, walls, fences and posts all serve as the perfect structures.  […]