Erosion Control

Soil erosion is considered to one of the most important environmental problems facing the planet. According to some studies about half the topsoil in the Us has been lost in some due to improper farming techniques. Soil takes hundreds and even thousands of years to form and the loss of such an important resource should be prevented at all costs. This is particularly true at a time when the human population is still rapidly expanding and needs more food.

ErosionSoil erosion occurs as a result of rainfall, running water, frost, wind or land development. The are a number of way to help prevent erosion. Proper cultivation methods, for example, prevents erosion by not leaving loose soil exposed to the element without vegetative cover. The use of land contouring, are also effective techniques. Careful selection of plant species, which combine the stabilizing of soil with the growing of crops is also quite effective.

In the home garden, soil erosion usually occurs when a slope is left bare. Planted a slope, vegetation will stabilize the soil. The roots of trees, shrubs and groundcovers hold the soil in place. Mulch also aids in the prevention erosion as it helps absorb rain water.

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