Category: Flower Gardens

Growing Lavender

Lavender is native to the hot, dry climate of the Mediterranean but has become one the favorite plants of gardeners from all over.  Appropriate planting, preparation and siting is critical to the longevity of lavender.  Success in growing lavender depends on growing conditions and the variety you choose to grow.  Though lavender will tolerate a […]

Growing Iris

Iris is treasured for their early blooming, flowers and low maintenance.  The bold sword shaped foliage is also an excellent backdrop for other perennials and annuals in the garden through the summer.  They’re also an excellent contrast to the more mounded forms of many garden plants. There are hundreds of species and cultivars of iris […]


Daylilies are noted for their easy-care and versatility.  They’re a prolific summer blooming perennial with an extremely wide range of colors including various shades of yellow, gold, orange, scarlet, maroon, pink and lavender.  Daylilies are an ideal addition to the perennial border, the shade garden and in difficult spot with poor soil conditions.  As a […]

Cutting Gardens

Many perennials, annuals and even flowering shrubs not only make great garden plants but wonderful cut flowers as well. Shrubs such as hydrangea, lilac, viburnum, witchhazel and forsythia work well as cut flowers. Though, generally, they don’t last as long as perennials or annuals. To make flowering shrubs last as long as possible as cut […]

Fall Blooming Bulbs

Most gardeners think of bulbs as one of the first signs of spring. While it is true that many bulbs are indeed among the first plant bloom after the winter, there are a few bulbs which bloom in the fall. These fall blooming bulbs can add splashes of color to the garden and are a […]

Spring Bulbs

Bulbs are the earliest blooming flowers in the garden blooming as early as February or early March.  Bulbs can be used in the perennial garden where they can complement other early flowers.  Planted in the lawn or beneath deciduous shade trees, bulbs can provide your property with spots of vibrant colors.  Though bulbs prefer sun […]

Container Gardening

Container gardens are a great way to add color and fragrance to a small garden, patio or deck.  They can also soften up an area which seems too hard like an oversized terrace or wall.  Its also often the only way for people living in apartments, condos or urbanized areas to experience gardening.  Just about […]

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows are noted for their stability, low maintenance and wide diversity of plants resulting in vibrant colors, textures and an increased awareness of seasonal change.  The meadow approach to the landscape requires a clear understanding of a site’s natural conditions, more so than say a formal perennial garden bed.  Wildflower meadows are a constantly […]

Gardening With Roses

Roses are probably the most widely grown and most loved plant in the world.  Easy to grow, hardy, with season-long profuse blooms, roses are suitable for most any garden.  However, with 150 species to choose from it can be difficult to decide which is right for you.  The following is a description of the different […]

Gardening With Annuals

Annuals provide gardeners with an inexpensive way to add diversity and an array of long lasting colorful flowers to the landscape. Although they will flower all season long, annuals sprout from seed, produce flowers, set their seed and die within one growing season.  Annuals need to be replanted each year, at least here in New […]