Category: Garden Design

Drought Tolerant Gardens

Gardening, for some, has been rather difficult over the past few years, as many parts of the country are in the midst of a severe drought. Many cities have been imposing watering restrictions which make it almost impossible to keep healthy lawns and traditional gardens thriving. Many gardeners have had to renovate their gardens to […]

Working With Garden Microclimates

Microclimates are conditions, such as temperatures and wind exposure, which vary from spot to spot within a single garden. Identifying microclimates within your garden will help you determine what plants are appropriate for any given spot. You can also create microclimates by regulating the sunlight, shade, moisture, and wind factors for each separate garden or […]

Dry Gardens

In the southwestern U.S., where dry conditions prevail, successful gardens are designed to require little if any water. Native plants which have adapted to these conditions are often utilized to deal with a dry environment. Generally, native species of plants require less maintenance and need no water other than what is provided by nature. This […]

Formal Gardens

Formal gardens are the result of our desire to tame and give order to the natural landscape. Formal garden designs generally incorporate symmetry, well balanced geometric forms, straight lines and uniform textures and colors. All very seldom found in nature. Symmetrical gardens are often divided by a path through their center and have the same […]

Herb Gardens

Herbs are easy to grow, attractive and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Many gardeners grow herbs to use in the kitchen or for their fragrance. Other gardeners treasure herbs for their easy care and, in some cases, colorful flowers. After you’ve chosen the type and style of your garden, it is […]

Colorful Fall Gardens

When most gardeners plan for a colorful fall garden the first plants which come to mind are chrysanthemums and asters. While an essential ingredient, they are hardly the only options available. There are a number of fall blooming perennials which can color to the garden late in the season. The following are only a few. […]

Full Sun Gardens

Full sun gardens require plants which are sun loving as they’ll be able to tolerate the hottest summer days as well as the dry conditions of this environment. Once established most perennials need little care, other than deadheading. Plant a variety of perennials with varying bloom times. This will provide your garden color from spring […]

Hillside Gardens

Hillside gardens face challenges which are common to all gardens. For instance, the planting plan should be compatible with the existing environmental conditions and there needs to be rich, fertile soil in which to plant. The difference is in the need to stabilize the garden soil. Though hillsides are subject to erosion problems, a well […]

Fragrant Gardens

Most gardens are primarily designed to be visually striking. They can, however, be designed to please all the senses. A fountain or waterfall can add the soothing sound of running water. The texture of plants can be felt. The taste of an herb or fruit is amazing when picked from your own garden. Fragrance, the […]