Category: Garden Design

Rose Gardens

Roses are perhaps the most popular and versatile of all garden plants. They’re effective when grouped together, planted on their own as a specimen or mixed in with perennials or shrubs. Some roses can be grown as ground covers while other may be trained to grow on arbors, trellises and other garden structures. Many varieties […]

Pool Gardens

Introduction A well thought out design can help transform your pool garden into an oasis. The goal of any garden design is to create an outdoor living space which is both useful and visually striking. Ultimately, gardens should be designed to meet the needs of the people who will use and maintain it. Only after a […]

White Gardens

White gardens are a wonderful way to brighten up a partly shady spot in the landscape. They can be quite graceful. White gardens should be located away from other more colorful gardens so their effect can be fully realized. Also, dark evergreen backdrops contrast sharply with the white theme and help flowers within the white […]

Courtyard Gardens – Overview

Courtyard gardens are garden spaces which are enclosed on 3 or 4 sides by walls or buildings. They can also be an outdoor space which is bordered by multiple houses or a house, fence and garage. Some courtyards are completely open to the sky while others incorporate garden structures, such as pergolas on which to […]

Seaside Gardening

Gardening along the coast presents even the most skilled gardeners with challenges not encountered elsewhere.  Natural conditions along the coast create a very hostile environment for garden plants.  Wind, salt spray, dry sandy soils as well as actual sea water can make gardening along the coast difficult.  All of these factors can cause problems for […]

Garden Design For A Small Space

Garden design for small spaces requires some ingenuity and a lot of creativity.  There are some advantages to small gardens that larger spaces don’t have.  Small gardens usually have a distinct shape and defined boundaries.  You’re basically working within a distinct area and are able to plan the entire space. Having a small yard does […]

Garden Design For Winter

After the leaves have fallen from the trees, most people ignore their gardens until their bulbs begin to emerge in the spring. If planned well, a winter landscape can have a character all its own. Against the stark backdrop of snow and earth, you can plant a variety of plants that will add dimension to […]

5 Great Vines For The Garden

For those wishing to add color to a terrace, walkway or any garden spot there are some truly stunning vines that can be trained over doorways, on trellises, on arbors or even on a wall. The following are a few of the easiest vines to grow. Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans): Widely adaptable to heat and […]

The Edible Garden

When considering an edible garden the first thing most people will think of is the vegetable garden. Vegetable gardens are by far the most popular type of edible garden for the home gardener. There are, however, many garden trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers which are both edible and attractive enough for use in your landscape […]

Wetland Gardens

We’d like to take a look at how to turn a waterlogged area into something beautiful! Where we live, in Hampshire, UK, there is a lot of clay in the soil and with our wet climate, this readily turns areas of the garden into a quagmire. But this does not have to be a cause […]