Category: Garden Design

Garden Design – Views, Vistas & Frames

Trees, shrubs and garden structures can be utilized to frame views within the garden or vistas or the distant landscape. They can also help draw attention to favorable elements within a garden and distract from unfavorable ones. Larger trees are quite effective when framing views outside of the garden. By framing vistas of distant landscapes, […]

Vegetable Gardening

The first thing to when considering a vegetable is a little planning.  Choose the garden location carefully.  Find a sunny spot, vegetables require at least 6 hours of sunlight each day (though more is better) to warm the soil and provide the energy necessary for good plant health.  Selectively prune some of trees in the […]

Garden Trees

There is nothing more beautiful than a flowering shrub in full bloom, except maybe a flowering shrub in full bloom that has been trained to grow as a single stem tree. Imagine having a fragrant Viburnum Tree next to your patio or outside your bedroom window, waking up to such a wonderful aroma. Go to […]

Easy To Grow Perennials

Perennials are treasured for their ability to flower, spread and multiply year after year.  They’re also noted for their form, texture and vibrant colors.  What makes these easy care perennials wonderful is that they are not only beautiful but hardy as well. With very low maintenance, these perennials offer beautiful flowers and long lasting, lush […]

Gardening With Biennials

Biennials are those flowers which complete their life cycle over the course of two growing seasons. They produce foliage, and sometimes stems, during their first year of growth and then flowers during the second. Once this cycle is complete, they die. Biennials include the long time cottage garden favorites; hollyhock, foxglove, and sweet William. Fertilizing […]

Garden Design – Texture

Texture in garden design refers to the visual roughness or smoothness of a plant and can create visual interest. Textural qualities of plants are most important in smaller gardens since a plant’s texture is most noticeable at close range. Texture is generally read as the mass and void of foliage, bark, or flowers and changes […]

Garden Design – Color

Plant color in garden design is immensely important and can be utilized to create focal points in the landscape. Dark-colored plants contrasted with light-colored plants draw one’s attention in a planting composition. For instance, unique, colorful foliage, like the reddish bronze of the smoke bush, stands out among the various greens of garden. In the […]

Introduction to Garden Design

The goal of a landscape design is to create an outdoor living space which is both useful and visually striking.  The success of a design relies heavily on an understanding of a site’s natural conditions.  This includes sun and shade conditions, wind exposure, soil quality and potential views.  Only after a thorough site evaluation should […]