Garden Structures – Arbors

Arbors are structures that bring focus to outdoor living spaces. There are many different types of arbors. Arbors can be made of treated lumber, metal, branches and twigs, and even plastic pieces. Arbors can be stained, or painted or just left alone to have a natural look. Some Arbors have arches and curves. Others are straight and geometric. With such a huge variety to choose from it will not be difficult to find one to match your garden décor style.

Plants and Arbors

Plants can be used to decorate arbors. There are several different kinds of plants that are suited. Climbers are tied to arbors or hand-woven into the arbors. A rambling rose is an excellent example. Some plants known as tendrils attach themselves to arbors through specialized leaves and stems like a clematis. Twining plants like the Morning Glory wraps itself around an arbor.

ArborThere are many architectural designs for arbors, which you can choose from. Pick an arbors design that would match your personality and home style. Designs for arbors include traditional, contemporary, rustic styles and cottage designs.

Traditional arbors offer symmetrical lines that are laid within simple designed gardens. Gardens are usually lush and include winding paths, with other garden décor like wood benches and container planters. A cottage style arbor is defined by the kind of plants growing on the arbor. The plants used here are the more traditional vines like sweet peas and the rambling roses. For garden décor pieces to complement this style, choose bird baths and birdfeeders that give your outdoor living space a functional look.

For contemporary styles, the arbor has a more sophisticated and modern look. Arbors in this kind of garden may have an industrial look, using steel and wood combined. Garden décor pieces that complement this type of arbor are modern sculptures, water fountains and built in planters. The more casual rustic style arbor offers a back to nature décor. Branches and twigs are used in creating this affordable arbor. The rustic arbor and garden décor combined offers an outdoor living space that is informal and inviting.

Dividing the Outdoor Living Space

Besides their use in your garden décor, arbors can be used as outdoor living space dividers. Transition from one outdoor living space to another can be through arbors. An arbor can serve as a point of entryway into your front yard; an inviting point where guests walk through. The arbor at the front of your property could be covered with a climbing rose, framing in your front door and adding curb appeal to your property. The different possibilities of outdoor living rooms include an area for children to play, a dining area, a gardening area and an area of relaxation. Arbors can also serve as an excellent relaxation station. An arbor designed with a swing or bench attached is an enticing invitation, especially if the arbor is located by a water feature like a pond or fountain.

Whether you decide to take on designing and building your arbor on your own or you hire professional services, your finished arbor will give your garden a welcome makeover.

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