Category: Garden Structures

Building Timber Walls

Landscape timbers are an effective, easy to build and inexpansive solution for creating garden retaining walls or raised beds. Properly constructed, they‘ll last up to 20 years. Retaining walls can save a eroding slope. They can also transform a sloping yard into a series of terraces for lawns, gardens, or patios. For areas with poor […]

Using Stone In The Garden

Integrating stone into your landscape design can add depth, texture, seating and even a sculptural element to your garden. Stone has other important functional qualities as well, such as, strength and stability. Stones give a sense of permanence to a garden. As a landscape design element, stones are unlike plants in that they possess wonderful […]

Garden Lighting

When lighting your garden, less is definitely more. Flood lighting is fine for a traffic intersection, but at home it is energy inefficient, expensive and creates light pollution. You and your garden deserve better. Outdoor lighting is most effective when used sparingly and in specific spots. Your garden is the transition space between the outside […]

Building A Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse is easier than you may think. You can choose different designs and sizes that you would like to build. A greenhouse will give you comfort whenever you visit your plants, vegetables, flowers, or orchids. It also provides the needed sunlight and humidity for these plants. You may relax and enjoy it every […]

Stone In The Garden

Rocks are important to any landscape. They have important functional qualities, such as, strength and stability and as a result have an air of permanence. Aesthetically, stones are unlike plants in that they possess wonderful sculptural characteristics. When designing your garden consider the use of stone, whether for wall, paths or just a an interesting […]

Garden Paths

Walkways Garden paths can lead visitors though your garden and, if planned well, they accentuate and help frame views, whether within the garden or in the distance.  In the woodland garden, informal, meandering paths are appropriate.  Formal designs may be called for, however, around architecture or in the rose garden. Paths can be created from […]

Garden Patios

Patios and terraces mark the transition between the house and the garden.  They should be though of as an extension of the house or an outdoor room. Thoughtful planning should go into choosing the appropriate materials for the hard surfaces of the garden. As a rule of thumb, two materials, colors or textures should suffice, […]

Garden Walls

Stone walls can be a functional feature in the garden as well as an aesthetic one. They provide the garden with a sense of privacy and can help create outdoor rooms by defining the edges of a patio and providing a sense of enclosure. Gardens which incorporate stonewalls will find they creates beneficial micro-climates. Micro-climates […]

Garden Structures – Arbors

Arbors are structures that bring focus to outdoor living spaces. There are many different types of arbors. Arbors can be made of treated lumber, metal, branches and twigs, and even plastic pieces. Arbors can be stained, or painted or just left alone to have a natural look. Some Arbors have arches and curves. Others are […]