Category: Gardens & Ecology

Water Conservation

Increasing the soils ability to hold water reduce the need for irrigation systems and hand watering.  Adding organic matter such as compost or peat moss is very effective.  Add compost and other other organic matter to the garden also great for plants as the root system will be able to grow deeper into soil resulting […]

Planting A Butterfly Garden

In order to attract butterflies to your garden you need to provide for them what they need. Generally, butterflies look for two things in a garden, food and host plants where they can lay their eggs.  If these two things are present in your garden your chances of attracting butterflies greatly increases. Keep your garden […]

Wildlife Gardens

Creating a wildlife garden allows you take part in your larger surrounding environment.  Often gardens are completely shut out from the natural spaces surrounding it and aren’t welcoming to birds and other wildlife.  Adding a few key shrubs or trees can make all the difference when trying to attract birds to your garden. Map out […]

Plants Which Attract Wildlife

Plants For Wildlife Legend:A – Attracts Hummingbirds, B – Attracts Birds, C – Attracts Butterflies Trees Amelanchier spp. – Seviceberry BCornus florida – Flowering Dogwood B,CCrataegus spp. – Hawthorn A,BMalus spp. – Crabapple BNyssa sylvatica – Tupelo BSalix spp. – Willow B Shrubs Azalea spp. – Azalea ABuddlia davidii – Butterfly Bush B,CCaryopteris x clandonensis […]