Category: General Gardening


Hedges serve an important purpose in the garden. They delineate areas with a garden, screen out undesirable views and can also mark boundary lines. They can also act as a windbreak or mark the edge of a path. Both evergreen and deciduous shrubs are suitable for hedges. It depends on your needs. If you use […]

Indoor Gardening

Plants are just as popular as furniture when one is deciding on furniture and soft furnishings. Aside from the aesthetic value plants provide your home with, there are also health benefits – grade school science class tells us that plants cleanse the air through utilizing the carbon dioxide and producing more oxygen. Here is some […]

Raised Beds Gardening

Creating raised bed for planting vegetables or flowers is a great way for those with little space, poor soil or poorly drained clay soil to easily create a thriving garden. A raised bed allows the gardener to create a planting bed with exceptional soil while providing an easy way to control moisture and weeds. Once […]

Preparing A Vegetable Garden

When planning a vegetable garden the first step is always finding the ideal spot. Most vegetables require lots of sun so choose a location with a southern exposure. Ideally, the sunlight is distributed as evenly as possible for the longest period of time. Southern exposure is perfect since the sun shines evenly on each side. […]

Gardening With Herbs

Herbs are a great way to landscape small spaces around the home or, if you don’t  have any outdoor space they can be planted in containers.  Plan ahead, as you would any garden.  Keep it simple at first, choose just few varieties.  Decide if you want you incorporate perennials and annuals in the garden.  If […]

Improving Garden Soil

Healthy garden soil is teeming with life: there are earthworms and micro-organisms by the millions, each with a particular function in making soil fertile. Like any living thing, the soil must have food. Without food, the life in soil either leaves or dies. Eventually, the garden itself weakens and dies. Soil life eats organic matter, […]

Starting From Seed: Outdoors

Starting plants from seed outdoors requires the knowledge of your local climate and your hardiness zone. The country is separated into zones according to the lowest annual winter temperature. What can be planted and when is based on these zones. Here in Massachusetts, we’re in zone 5, meaning I need to wait until usually May […]

Starting From Seed: Indoors

To start, familiarize yourself with the seeds you’ll be planting. Read the seed package to find out information such as light requirements and when to plant. Also, be sure to find out the zone in which you live, this will tell you what is appropriate to plant in you area. Next, choose the container in […]

Garden Tools

There’s a tool for every garden purpose and using the right tool will make your job much easier. When choosing your garden tools, check for a comfortable, balanced weight. Too heavy a tool will wear you out quickly, as will a poorly balanced tool. Too light, and you will have to compensate with your own […]

Mulching The Garden

Mulching is an important part of gardening and should be a part of every gardener‘s tasks. Mulch prevents weeds from encroaching on the garden thus reducing labor, it helps the soil retain moisture and it adds nutrients to the soil as is breaks down. Anything from shredded newspaper to bark chips and fallen leaves to […]