Category: General Gardening

Seaside Gardening

Gardening along the coast presents even the most skilled gardeners with challenges not encountered elsewhere.  Natural conditions along the coast create a very hostile environment for garden plants.  Wind, salt spray, dry sandy soils as well as actual sea water can make gardening along the coast difficult.  All of these factors can cause problems for […]

Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

There are times when a plant out grows its spot in the landscape or needs to be moved to make way for changes in the garden. When transplanting a shrub or tree be aware of the weather. Transplanting shrubs or trees during very hot weather can cause stress for the plant, even frequent subsequent of […]

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones

Plant Hardiness Map ** Click on your State abbreviation below to go to that region ** AK  AL  AR  AZ  CA  CO  CT  DC  DE  FL  GA  HI  IA  ID  IL  IN  KS  KY LA  MA  MD  ME  MI  MN  MO  MS  MT  NC  ND  NE  NH  NJ  NM  NV  NY OH  OK  OR  PA  […]

Pruning Guide

Pruning is the removal of stems, branches, or roots of a tree or shrub.  The extent of pruning required varies from plant to plant and according to their intended uses (hedges as opposed to orchards for example).  The reasons to prune are as follows; to remove diseased, broken or dangerous limbs, to rejuvenate older neglected […]

Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is more than simply a method of gardening which doesn’t use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their plants. Organic gardening takes into consideration all of nature and landscape elements including plants, soil, water supply, people and wildlife. It requires working in harmony with nature minimizes the resources the garden consumes. Organic gardening is […]

Garden Preparation

All great gardens have one thing in common, they were thoughtfully planned before they were built.  To plant a successful garden you must have a clear understanding of your site’s conditions.  A thorough site analysis enables the gardener to make informed decisions regarding design and plant selection.  Determined in this site analysis are the following […]

Gardening Terms

Gardening Definitions Cold Frames – are small stand-alone structure with glass roofs and are used for growing hardening off half-hardy annuals and for protecting early crops.  The heat created for the plants is derived from the sun.  Shading may be necessary in the summer. Compost – is organic matter which has been encouraged to decompose […]

Getting Started

Creating a garden can be very rewarding.  It’s a great stress reliever, pretty good exercise and allows you to experience the outdoors.  First, think about what type of garden you’d like.  Take in to consideration the sun and shade conditions.  If you’re planning on planting vegetables seek out the sunniest spot on your property.  A […]