Native Shrubs For The Garden

Native species of shrubs are among the most beautiful plants for the garden. They’re also easy to grow and care for as they’ve adapted to the natural environmental conditions and can tolerate even the harshest of conditions. The following are few treasured native shrubs which are ideal for the garden. Witchhazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is the […]

Try a Floating Island in Your Pond

Every year it seems something new comes along making the building of a garden pond easier and the end result more satisfying. In past years the availability of high quality pond liners enabled the pond builder almost unlimited flexibility in pond size and shape. Here we’re looking at the finished result and what can be […]

Planting A Flower Garden

Introduction: Flower gardens are simple to install and easy to care for. With thoughtful planning and design, flower gardens can provide your landscape with color from early spring until fall. The following covers the 5 steps involved in creating a healthy and colorful flower garden. Step 1: Site Analysis Successful flower gardens rely on an […]

Building Timber Walls

Landscape timbers are an effective, easy to build and inexpansive solution for creating garden retaining walls or raised beds. Properly constructed, they‘ll last up to 20 years. Retaining walls can save a eroding slope. They can also transform a sloping yard into a series of terraces for lawns, gardens, or patios. For areas with poor […]

Drought Tolerant Gardens

Gardening, for some, has been rather difficult over the past few years, as many parts of the country are in the midst of a severe drought. Many cities have been imposing watering restrictions which make it almost impossible to keep healthy lawns and traditional gardens thriving. Many gardeners have had to renovate their gardens to […]

Using Stone In The Garden

Integrating stone into your landscape design can add depth, texture, seating and even a sculptural element to your garden. Stone has other important functional qualities as well, such as, strength and stability. Stones give a sense of permanence to a garden. As a landscape design element, stones are unlike plants in that they possess wonderful […]

Growing Roses In Planters

Growing roses in containers is a great way to add color and fragrance to a patio, deck or balcony. Those with little space to grow roses in the garden can pot a rose and place on a sunny porch. The most common roses to plant in this way are the standard tree roses, miniature roses […]

Working With Garden Microclimates

Microclimates are conditions, such as temperatures and wind exposure, which vary from spot to spot within a single garden. Identifying microclimates within your garden will help you determine what plants are appropriate for any given spot. You can also create microclimates by regulating the sunlight, shade, moisture, and wind factors for each separate garden or […]

365 Garden Tips

1. When designing a garden, consider garden usage, year-round qualities and maintenance. 2. Plant specimen plants in places where they’ll be noticed most. 3. Apply compost to your garden about two to four weeks before you plant. 4. In gardens with limited space, consider the use of planters and containers. 5. Add soil conditioners such […]

Restoring Perennial Beds

Restoring an old flower bed requires an analysis of the existing plant material in the garden in order to determine which flowers are worth saving. Over time, neglected flower beds suffer from weed infestation. Weeds will take root, establish themselves and begin to crowd out the flowers. Many times the roots of weeds will become […]