The excitement of the holiday season is over and time to get reorgnized to start a new year off on the right footing. What better way than to start thinking of the garden! The winter months provide an excellent opportunity for reflection on the past year’s garden exploits and point towards ideas and strategies for the next growing season. Take the time to jot down some notes on what you were happy about from the previous year and how you would like to improve or expand in the upcoming year.

  • Order seeds from catalogues or plan some garden projects.
  • Shake snow form small shrubs and trees after storms. However, if freezing rain is expected shortly after a storm, you may do better to leave the light weight of snow on the bare branches rather than a heavier coating of ice that will prove to be unshakeable.
  • Planning can be started of the ornamental layout of annual and biennial plants, to complement existing perennials.
  • Prepare for the spring by sharpening your tools, tuning up your equipment and buy new supplies.