July Garden Tasks

July is the center of the summer in most areas of the US. Be sure to check water levels and keep your garden properly hydrated for the hot spells sure to strike both in July and in August.

  • Continually deadhead annuals and perennials to encourage repeat blooms.
  • Tree and shrubs, especially new, need at least an inch of water each week.
  • Cover blueberries to protect from birds, Hardiest about a week after they develop color.
  • Prop tree limbs weighed down with fruit.
  • Mow lawns at 2-21/2″ to allow for best growth.
  • Roses and other outdoor flowering plants can be fed with a high potash fertilizer to promote flowering.
  • Hedges can be trimmed regularly (especially Privet) to avoid having to cut them back too much at any one time
  • Lawns will need watering in long dry spells; however this can be done in the early evenings to conserve water.
  • Aerate lawn if needed.