Winter Interest – Seed Pods

After the flowers are gone and the leaves have fallen from the trees, other plant characteristics, not noticed or even available to the summer garden, begin to emerge. One such plant quality is the seed head or seed pod which can droop from a tree limb or sway atop ornamental grass. Both the thornless honey […]

Hillside Gardens

Hillside gardens face challenges which are common to all gardens. For instance, the planting plan should be compatible with the existing environmental conditions and there needs to be rich, fertile soil in which to plant. The difference is in the need to stabilize the garden soil. Though hillsides are subject to erosion problems, a well […]

Fragrant Gardens

Most gardens are primarily designed to be visually striking. They can, however, be designed to please all the senses. A fountain or waterfall can add the soothing sound of running water. The texture of plants can be felt. The taste of an herb or fruit is amazing when picked from your own garden. Fragrance, the […]

Pruning Vines

Vines are plants whose long stems twine, cling or wrap themselves around wall, fences, trees, arbors or other garden structures. Vines are vigorous growers and over time will become to a tangled mass of stems and leaves if they are not properly pruned and given adequate support. They require regular pruning to keep them healthy, […]

Shade Perennials

Gardening in the shade beneath the canopy trees offers many advantages. Shade trees moderate temperatures during the hot summer months and provide the garden with structure, privacy and year-round interest.  Do keep in mind, however, shade perennials, including spring bulbs, generally bloom spring before the leaves come out on the trees. Shade perennials rely on […]

Garden Restoration

After years of neglect, gardens tend to become overgrown and wild looking. Trees may suffer broken limbs which aren’t pruned and perennials gardens will often become over run with weeds. Restoring a garden requires an analysis of all garden elements including trees, shrubs, garden structures, wall and patios. Examine garden walls and be sure there […]

Pond Netting for Garden Ponds

A pond situated near some large deciduous trees, especially in fall, can be a lovely and picturesque sight. However, the chore of removing leaves from the pond’s surface is far less lovely. Fortunately, this chore can be avoided altogether by simply not allowing the leaves into the pond in the first place. How? Around the […]

Winter Interest – Bark

In fall, after the leaves fall, some trees and shrubs stand out in the garden with their unique bark. Some plants have bark with interesting texture while others provide striking colors. An often overlooked feature in the garden, a plant’s bark is most important in the winter. The Heritage Birch Tree (Betula nigra ‘Heritage’) is […]


Homeowners with wooded backyards choose ferns for their attractive undergrowth. There are many assortments to choose from. Thousands of varieties of ferns can be found all over the globe. Sizes range from a few inches to as much as 60-feet-tall. Fern plants thrive and grow in woodlands all over the United States. These eye-catching plants […]