Dividing Perennials

Dividing perennials is easily the best way to increase your plant stock, control a plant’s size and rejuvenate an old plant. A few years after you’ve planted a perennial you’ll probably notice that it begins outgrowing its allotted spot. Dividing large perennials into smaller plants will solve the problem of over crowding in the garden while giving […]

Rose Gardens

Roses are perhaps the most popular and versatile of all garden plants. They’re effective when grouped together, planted on their own as a specimen or mixed in with perennials or shrubs. Some roses can be grown as ground covers while other may be trained to grow on arbors, trellises and other garden structures. Many varieties […]

Pool Gardens

Introduction A well thought out design can help transform your pool garden into an oasis. The goal of any garden design is to create an outdoor living space which is both useful and visually striking. Ultimately, gardens should be designed to meet the needs of the people who will use and maintain it. Only after a […]

Light Up The Night With Your Pond

There are many options for lighting your pond or fountain. The right lighting setup will make your pond come alive at night, turning it into a focal piece for your entire yard or garden. The two main options are surface lights, which are placed above water or float on the surface of the pond, and […]

Growing Lavender

Lavender is native to the hot, dry climate of the Mediterranean but has become one the favorite plants of gardeners from all over.  Appropriate planting, preparation and siting is critical to the longevity of lavender.  Success in growing lavender depends on growing conditions and the variety you choose to grow.  Though lavender will tolerate a […]

Planting Trees

Proper tree selection and appropriate site preparation are essential to the success of new trees in the garden.  In spring, searching for new trees can be fun yet overwhelming.  With so much new stock at the nursery, it can be difficult to decide what to buy.  A quick site analysis of your garden’s conditions (soil, […]

White Gardens

White gardens are a wonderful way to brighten up a partly shady spot in the landscape. They can be quite graceful. White gardens should be located away from other more colorful gardens so their effect can be fully realized. Also, dark evergreen backdrops contrast sharply with the white theme and help flowers within the white […]

Weed Control

Proper cultivation methods and the use of techniques such as permaculture can restrict the growth of weeds in the garden as more desired plant species effectively crowd out those considered weeds. There are general herbicide chemical products which can treat the soil to prevent plant growth, but these are indiscriminate and can have a damaging […]

Garden Lighting

When lighting your garden, less is definitely more. Flood lighting is fine for a traffic intersection, but at home it is energy inefficient, expensive and creates light pollution. You and your garden deserve better. Outdoor lighting is most effective when used sparingly and in specific spots. Your garden is the transition space between the outside […]

Gardening With Heaths & Heathers

Heaths and heather are an easy to grow, flowering evergreen.  Though they are very similar in form, color, and growing habits their winter hardiness is differs greatly.  Heather is much more hardy than heath.  While heather is hardy in zone 5-7, heath does requires at least a zone rated 7-9 to survive year to year. […]