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Plants For Fall Color

Trees Acer palmatum – Japanese MapleAcer rubrum – Red MapleAcer saccharinum – Silver MapleAcer saccharin – Sugar MapleAesculus flava – Yellow Buckeye, Sweet BuckeyeAesculus hippocastanum – HorsechestnutBetula papyri era – Paper Birch, White BirchBetula pendula European white birch, Weeping birchCarpinus caroliniana – American Hornbeam, IronwoodCarya glabra – Pignut HickoryCarya ovate – Shagbark HickoryCatalpa speciosa – […]

Plants With Colorful Berries

Trees Aesculus flava – Yellow BuckeyeAesculus hippocastanum – HorsechestnutCatalpa bignonioides – Couthern CatalpaCatalpa speciosa – Northern CatalpaCornus florida – Flowering DogwoodIlex cassine – Dahoon HollyIlex myrtifolia – Myrtleleaf HollyIlex opaca – American HollyKoelreuteria paniculata – Golden Rain TreeMagnolia tripetala – Umbrella MagnoliaMagnolia virginiana – Sweet BayOxydendrum arboreum- SourwoodPrunus caroliniana – Carolina Cherry LaurelRhus typhina – […]

Plants For A Fragrant Garden

Trees Albizia julibrissin – Silk Tree, MimosaEriobotrya japonica – Japanese PlumFranklinia alatamaha – Franklinia TreeGordonia lasianthus – BayJuniperus virginiana – Eastern RedcedarMagnolia grandiflora – Southern MagnoliaMagnolia stellata – Star MagnoliaMagnolia virginiana – Sweet BayMagnolia x soulangeana – Saucer MagnoliaPrunus caroliniana – Cherry laurelRobinia pseudoacacia – Black LocustSassafras albidum – SassafrasTilia americana – American Basswood, LindenTilia […]

Plants For An Edible Garden

Literally, you get to eat the fruits of your labors. Jams, jellies, sauces and syrups galore. Don’t forget to save some for yourself when the neighbors come by to visit and have another treat at your house! Trees Acer saccharum – sugar mapleCarica papaya – papayaCarya illinoinensis – pecanCarya laciniosa – shellbark hickoryCarya ovata – […]

Plants For Acidic Soil

Here in New England our soils are quite acidic (soils with a pH below 7.0 is considered acidic) in part due to the pine and oak forests. When the leaves and needles of these trees break down the resulting organic matter raises the acidity of the soil. This article lists and briefly describes some popular […]

Plants For Early Spring Color

Perennials for Spring Color Ajuga – BugleweedAnemone sylvestris – WindflowerAquilegia ColumbineArabis – RockcressArmeria Sea PinkAurinia – Basket of GoldBellis English DaisyBergeniaBrunneraCampanula – BellflowerHelianthus – WallflowerConvallaria – Lily-of-the-ValleyCoreopsis lanceolata – TickseedDianthus – Sweet WilliamDictamnus – Gas PlantDicentra – Bleeding HeartDigitalis – FoxgloveDodecatheon – Shooting StarMoronic – Leapord’s BaneEuphorbia – SpurgeFilipendula – MeadowsweetGeranium – CranesbillHelianthemum – Sun […]

5 Great Hedge Shrubs

Hedges are planted for privacy screens, wind breaks, sound barriers or for marking boundary lines. It’s good idea to plant more than one species in a border, so that disease and pests won’t destroy the whole planting. The following are a 5 great hedge plants. Boxwood (Buxus sp.) is an easy to grow evergreen shrub, […]

Plants Tolerant Of Infertile Soils

Dry, Infertile Soils This is a list of plants which tolerate poor soil conditions better than most.  Just like any other plants, however, they’ll do best when in appropriately nutritive soils. Trees Abies conccolor – White FirBetula spp. – BirchCarpinus betulus – European HornbeamCotinus coggygria – SmoketreeFraxinus pennsylvania – Green AshGleditsia tricanthos intermis – Thornless […]

Plants Which Attract Wildlife

Plants For Wildlife Legend:A – Attracts Hummingbirds, B – Attracts Birds, C – Attracts Butterflies Trees Amelanchier spp. – Seviceberry BCornus florida – Flowering Dogwood B,CCrataegus spp. – Hawthorn A,BMalus spp. – Crabapple BNyssa sylvatica – Tupelo BSalix spp. – Willow B Shrubs Azalea spp. – Azalea ABuddlia davidii – Butterfly Bush B,CCaryopteris x clandonensis […]

Plants For The Shade Garden

Shrubs Clethra Alnifolia – Summer SweetCornus Cerisa – Red Twig DogwoodEnkianthus campanulatas – Redvein EnkianthusEuonymus fortunei – EuonymusHammemlis spp. – WitchhazelHydrangea macrophyllia – Bigleag HydrangeaHydrangea Quercifolia – Oakleaf HydrangeaIlex spp. – HollyItea spp. – Virginia SweetspireKalmia latifolia – Mountain LaurelLeucothoe spp. – LeucothoeMagnolia virginiana – Sweetbay MagnoliaPieris spp. – AndromedaPyricantha spp. – FirethormRhododendron spp. – […]