Growing Roses In Planters

Growing roses in containers is a great way to add color and fragrance to a patio, deck or balcony. Those with little space to grow roses in the garden can pot a rose and place on a sunny porch. The most common roses to plant in this way are the standard tree roses, miniature roses and small floribundas. Larger floribundas, hybrid teas and grand floras are also suitable for planters however. Roses get off to a quicker start in the spring due to root zone being warmer above ground.

Most kinds of containers, including terra cotta, glazed ceramic, plastic, wood, are suitable for growing roses. Just be aware that the container needs to be big enough to allow for proper root growth. It must also have adequate drainage so avoid using a saucer beneath the pot which will hold water and encourage root rot.

A mixture consisting of 30% organic compost and peat moss, 30% Perlite and 40% topsoil is usually quite successful. To promote healthy root growth add slow release fertilizer at the time of planting.

RosesSince planters tend to dry out more quickly than garden soil, roses grown in pots are cared for somewhat differently than those in the garden. They generally require more frequent watering which in turn means that fertilizer applied to the soil will leach out rapidly. As a result more frequent fertilizing is necessary for best performance.

Replacing the soil every few years or so will provide the rose with consistently organic rich growing medium. While replacing the soil, check the rose’s roots for signs of it becoming root-bound. If this is the case, some light root pruning may be necessary.

Advantages to Using Containers

There are a number of advantages to planting roses in containers. For instance, the pots can be moved around to take advantage of a spot receives the ideal amount of sun. Pots can also be easily rearranged in order to change the layout of the garden and break up a large patio into small spaces. Other advantages include ease of maintenance, especially if you find that working at ground level has become difficult, the ability to move planters to protected areas in case of freezing weather after late fall or early spring planting and lack of competition with other garden plants.

Roses are probably the best know and loved garden plants. Roses, one the gardens most versatile plants, is available in a seemingly endless range of vibrant colors. Planters provide gardeners with limited space an opportunity to try their hands at rose gardening.

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