Category: Seasonal Garden Tips

Winter Gardening

As winter approaches most gardeners hurry to finish their fall clean-up and plant spring bulbs before the first snow. They then begin to fondly look forward to gardening again in the spring. If you can tolerate the cold and don’t want to spend a few months inside you don’t need to quit just yet, there’s […]

Fall Gardening Guide

Fall is a great time to be outdoors in the garden, the temperatures are perfect and the colors can be amazing. If you’re looking for projects which will extend the gardening season and give you a reason to be outside, fear not, there‘s still plenty to do.  As the season moves along, perennials and annuals […]

Summer Gardening Tips

In the summer gardening revolves around pruning, weeding and mowing.  All the annuals have been planted and the clean up from the previous winter’s been done.  The first this to do after the spring clean up is to give the shrub beds and perennial gardens a new edge and fresh layer of mulch.  Don’t be […]

Spring Gardening Tips

Each spring I enter my own garden as well as the gardens of my customers with a sense of optimism, even when faced with the mess left by the previous winter.  With garden centers putting out their new stock and the temperatures getting warmer how can you not be optimistic.  To help your garden get off […]