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Easy Care Shrubs

Shrubs are an essential part of any garden and are often the most important part of a landscape design. With a seemingly end list of shrubs to choose from picking the appropriate shrubs can be a daunting task. The first thing you need to do is to determine the site conditions of your garden. Refer […]


Arborvitae are commonly used evergreen shrubs or trees useful in urban areas where low maintenance and durability is needed. Many cultivars with forms such as being globed in shape, columnar, or narrow pyramidal, tend to be near buildings, doors, and walkways. Other forms which are larger are used for screens and buffers that are planted […]


Viburnums are a gardener’s favorite; they’re one the most useful and versatile shrubs available.  With over 120 varieties there’s one for any garden project.  Some viburnums, such as the arrowwood or maple-leaf, are wonderful as woodland garden shrubs.  Others have a more formal feel such as the Korean spice or judii varieties and are suitable […]

Gardening With Hydrangeas

A common complaint among gardener is that late in the summer, before the fall foliage, there seems to be lull in garden color.  There is, however, no shortage of shrubs which bloom in later in the season.  Hydrangeas are one the most versatile.  In fact, they are indispensable in the garden for summer color and […]

5 Great Hedge Shrubs

Hedges are planted for privacy screens, wind breaks, sound barriers or for marking boundary lines. It’s good idea to plant more than one species in a border, so that disease and pests won’t destroy the whole planting. The following are a 5 great hedge plants. Boxwood (Buxus sp.) is an easy to grow evergreen shrub, […]


Rhododendrons are a very popular and easy plant to grow.  They provide gardens with a very dependable and versatile flowering shrub. Rhododendrons come in many shapes and sizes; they are a medium to very large shrub with some growing to 5’ while others may reach 20’ or more. Some varieties are rounded and compact while […]


Azaleas are quite versatile and can be used a number of ways in the garden.  They’re as effective in the formal foundation planting as they are in the natural shrub border.  Though the most common azaleas are evergreen there are deciduous varieties as well. Deciduous azaleas are known as Mollis or Exbury Azaleas and are […]

Planting Garden Shrubs

Thoughtful planning, careful plant selection and proper site preparation are essential to the success of new plants in the garden.  In spring, searching for new shrubs can be exciting yet overwhelming.  With so much new stock at the nursery, it can be difficult to decide what to buy.  To be sure your investment in new […]

Deciduous Shrubs

Deciduous flowering shrubs are among the most versatile of all garden plants.  Whether used to frame architecture, provide privacy or attract birds, deciduous shrubs are an indispensable part of the garden and are the starting point of great landscape design.  In most cases deciduous shrubs are very low maintenance.  In fact, most will thrive for […]

Evergreens For The Garden

Evergreen Shrubs Evergreen are those trees and shrubs which keep their foliage year round. They’re a bit more expensive than deciduous plants but they are worth their cost because of their year-round beauty, hardiness and longevity. Evergreens range from the broadleaved shrubs like rhododendron and laurel to the tall-needled cone-bearing pines and stately spruces. Evergreen […]