December Gardening Tasks

There’s not a lot of garden tasks to perform in the winter. After the sugar-plum fairies and the Christmas season, this is the best time to let dreams grow for the summer garden to come! Still, there are a few ways you can ensure your garden doesn’t receive any unwanted damage.

  • Shake snow form small shrubs and trees after storms.
  • The roots of container plants may be protected from frost by wrapping the containers using burlap or newspapers.
  • Sharpen your tools, tune up your equipment and buy new supplies.

  • Prepare for the holiday by taking cuttings of evergreen branches for decorating.
  • Any remaining leaves and worm casts can be raked and brushed off the lawn. This should only be done if the lawn surface is not wet or frozen.
  • The crowns of tender herbaceous plants can be protected from frost damage with straw, or possibly leaves so long as they are dry.
  • Check for your gardens for damage after storms.

  • Order any seed catalogues you’ve been wanting to review and curl up with them and a lovely cup of tea on a cold, snowy evening.