February, despite technically being the shortest month of the year, can sometimes seem like the longest. It’s been a few months since you’ve been really working your garden, and the spring still seems to loom too far into the future. Plus, the covering of snow seems to hardly yield at all. Still, there are some tasks you can content yourself with and get ready for the spring, that will come (I promise!)

  • Order seeds from catalogues or plan some garden projects.
  • Shake snow form small shrubs and trees after storms.
  • Planning can be started of the ornamental layout of annual and biennial plants, to complement existing perennials.
  • Prepare for the spring by sharpening your tools, tuning up your equipment and buy new supplies.
  • Check for any heathers that may have been lifted by frost and firm where required. Heathers may be planted in mild weather.
  • Rose bushes which have been loosened by wind can be tied and the soil firmed around the base. Rose beds can be prepared for planting in early and mid spring.
  • Check for your gardens for winter damage.