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Try a Floating Island in Your Pond

Every year it seems something new comes along making the building of a garden pond easier and the end result more satisfying. In past years the availability of high quality pond liners enabled the pond builder almost unlimited flexibility in pond size and shape. Here we’re looking at the finished result and what can be […]

Ridding Your Pond of Algae

Pond algae is probably one of things that most easily frustrate pond owners. The only thing more frustrating is actually controlling algae. Algae is easily one of, if not the biggest concerns for owners of new ponds. The problem tends to occur in new ponds because they have not yet achieved the proper balance between […]

Pond Netting for Garden Ponds

A pond situated near some large deciduous trees, especially in fall, can be a lovely and picturesque sight. However, the chore of removing leaves from the pond’s surface is far less lovely. Fortunately, this chore can be avoided altogether by simply not allowing the leaves into the pond in the first place. How? Around the […]

Light Up The Night With Your Pond

There are many options for lighting your pond or fountain. The right lighting setup will make your pond come alive at night, turning it into a focal piece for your entire yard or garden. The two main options are surface lights, which are placed above water or float on the surface of the pond, and […]

The Disappearing Waterfall

Pond Waterfall Installing a disappearing waterfall in your backyard or garden will give you a delightful, relatively low maintenance water feature that has distinct advantages over ponds not only in terms of cost, convenience, and safety, but also in the amount of work you have to put in. You’ll find that a waterfall is much […]

The Art of Heating Your Pond

Ice forming on the surface of your pond can kill your fish. Ice and snow accumulation on a pond greatly reduces the amount of dissolved oxygen in available to the fish in it. Ice cover prevents oxygen transfer from the atmosphere to the water below, and snow can filter out enough sunlight so that oxygen-producing […]

Keep Your Pond a’Pumping

Choosing the right pond pump is goes along way to ensuring the success of your water pond. A pond pump supplies your pond filter with critical oxygen to feed the microbes that tidy up your pond. It also pushes the water to replenish your waterfall. The flow rate is the essential factor in choosing a […]

Maintaining Your Pond

How do you take care of your pond? There is so much information out there, and so many products available it can become a daunting task. The type of pond you have will help determine exactly what you need to do. For example a water garden and a koi pond will need very different kinds […]

Keeping Your Pond Clean

You could become easily discouraged with your pond when you first start creating one since the clear, clean water can quickly turn into a smelly, algae-filled cesspool unless you take precautions to ensure you keep the water healthy. You must remember a well-designed pond must take into consideration the requirement to find the balance for […]