Introduction to Garden Design

The goal of a landscape design is to create an outdoor living space which is both useful and visually striking.  The success of a design relies heavily on an understanding of a site’s natural conditions.  This includes sun and shade conditions, wind exposure, soil quality and potential views.  Only after a thorough site evaluation should […]

Garden Preparation

All great gardens have one thing in common, they were thoughtfully planned before they were built.  To plant a successful garden you must have a clear understanding of your site’s conditions.  A thorough site analysis enables the gardener to make informed decisions regarding design and plant selection.  Determined in this site analysis are the following […]

Gardening Terms

Gardening Definitions Cold Frames – are small stand-alone structure with glass roofs and are used for growing hardening off half-hardy annuals and for protecting early crops.  The heat created for the plants is derived from the sun.  Shading may be necessary in the summer. Compost – is organic matter which has been encouraged to decompose […]

Getting Started

Creating a garden can be very rewarding.  It’s a great stress reliever, pretty good exercise and allows you to experience the outdoors.  First, think about what type of garden you’d like.  Take in to consideration the sun and shade conditions.  If you’re planning on planting vegetables seek out the sunniest spot on your property.  A […]