The Mid-Summer Border

Mid-Season Gardens

In mid-summer, the perennial border is at most colorful with a wide variety of sun-loving flowers in bloom. There are even some leftovers from the early border and, towards late summer, some signs of the later blooming flowers as well. With the mid-summer flowers, it is important to choose wisely. Choose flowers which will work well with your favorite annuals.  Annuals are at their peak during the mid-summer months.  Fully leafed out shrubs can serve as a wonderful back drop to the garden and the yet to bloom perennials act as great filler giving the garden as lush look. 

Perennials and annuals are the focus of the mid-season garden as there’s no competition with shrubs and bulbs, the majority of which have finished blooming. Colorful fall foliage is still a few months away as well. 

Whereas the early border consists of those flowers which are suitable for the shade and woodland garden, the mid-season border revolves around the more sun loving varieties of perennials.  They’re also, in general, taller than the spring perennials.  Many of the these flowers have been cultivated from the wildflower prairies of the mid-west. 

Mid-Season Perennials

Here’s a partial list of some of the most common and useful mid-season perennial.

Daisy – A profusely flowering and wide ranging perennial in terms of color and size.  After flowering deadhead stems to encourage second flush of new growth.

Daylily – Offer short lived but an abundance of short lived flowers.

Geranium – A low growing colorful border perennial.

Delphinium – Tall with incredibly large and showy flowers.

Lady’s Mantle – A great edging perennial with yellow flowers.

Astilbe – A wonderful shade loving flower in colors or peach, pink, red and white.

Hollyhock – Ad old fashioned colorful perennial for the full-sun garden.  Work well in the cottage garden.

Dianthus – A great low growing and colorful perennial.

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