Plants For Early Spring Color

Perennials for Spring Color Ajuga – BugleweedAnemone sylvestris – WindflowerAquilegia ColumbineArabis – RockcressArmeria Sea PinkAurinia – Basket of GoldBellis English DaisyBergeniaBrunneraCampanula – BellflowerHelianthus – WallflowerConvallaria – Lily-of-the-ValleyCoreopsis lanceolata – TickseedDianthus – Sweet WilliamDictamnus – Gas PlantDicentra – Bleeding HeartDigitalis – FoxgloveDodecatheon – Shooting StarMoronic – Leapord’s BaneEuphorbia – SpurgeFilipendula – MeadowsweetGeranium – CranesbillHelianthemum – Sun […]

Gardening With Hydrangeas

A common complaint among gardener is that late in the summer, before the fall foliage, there seems to be lull in garden color.  There is, however, no shortage of shrubs which bloom in later in the season.  Hydrangeas are one the most versatile.  In fact, they are indispensable in the garden for summer color and […]

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows are noted for their stability, low maintenance and wide diversity of plants resulting in vibrant colors, textures and an increased awareness of seasonal change.  The meadow approach to the landscape requires a clear understanding of a site’s natural conditions, more so than say a formal perennial garden bed.  Wildflower meadows are a constantly […]

Natural Gardens

Natural gardens utilize native species of plants which are often quite easy to grow.  These plants have adapted to certain environments and are generally self sustaining.  They’ll need little, if any, fertilizer and no more water than is provided by rain.  Natural gardens consist of a rich and varied mix of plants.  They introduce a […]

Seaside Gardening

Gardening along the coast presents even the most skilled gardeners with challenges not encountered elsewhere.  Natural conditions along the coast create a very hostile environment for garden plants.  Wind, salt spray, dry sandy soils as well as actual sea water can make gardening along the coast difficult.  All of these factors can cause problems for […]

Maintaining Your Pond

How do you take care of your pond? There is so much information out there, and so many products available it can become a daunting task. The type of pond you have will help determine exactly what you need to do. For example a water garden and a koi pond will need very different kinds […]

Summer Gardening Tips

In the summer gardening revolves around pruning, weeding and mowing.  All the annuals have been planted and the clean up from the previous winter’s been done.  The first this to do after the spring clean up is to give the shrub beds and perennial gardens a new edge and fresh layer of mulch.  Don’t be […]

Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are designed to create landscapes which resembles nature through the careful placement of trees, shrubs, rocks, sand, artificial hills, ponds, and water. Zen and Shinto traditions have greatly influenced Japanese gardening and as a result the gardens are contemplative and serene spaces. It is essential that all the elements work well together within […]

Gardening With Roses

Roses are probably the most widely grown and most loved plant in the world.  Easy to grow, hardy, with season-long profuse blooms, roses are suitable for most any garden.  However, with 150 species to choose from it can be difficult to decide which is right for you.  The following is a description of the different […]

Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

There are times when a plant out grows its spot in the landscape or needs to be moved to make way for changes in the garden. When transplanting a shrub or tree be aware of the weather. Transplanting shrubs or trees during very hot weather can cause stress for the plant, even frequent subsequent of […]